17 April, 2011



Anonymous said...

I am Imran Ali. I liked your video regarding the methodologies adopted by Muslims for Revolution. The best methodology is off-course the third one. Every rational man would choose the third one, the methodology of Quran. I also seen a comparison of Muslims' sects provided at the end of this page. I felt that you don't consider right to the people who follow Holy Quran. I am of the view that guidance is only in the Holy Quran. Mind you I am not a Pervezi, I have many conflicts with Late Mr. Pervez. In the Holy Quran, Allah almighty has ordained that true guidance is only in the this book, this is the only book that I sent for the guidance of the people, then why you people don't understand that we, the Muslims are being cheated on the name of Hadith ((Sunnat-e-Rasul). I would like to ask you a question, because you believe that true Islamic System is represented in the Holy Quran.
My question is that I agree that Quran represents complete code of conduct, but
What is name of the designation of the Head of the Muslims’ State prescribed in the Holy Quran? Please reply to my question, I shall be a member of Tanzeem-e-Islami at receiving your answer.

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